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Clayton Smith
Director of Client Services

My job as Director of Client Services is to serve as the main point of contact for the clients of the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey and to insure that we produce an exceptional client experience that exceeds your expectations.

I use the management and organizational skills honed as a Chief Intelligence Officer with 25+ years knowledge managing teams to accomplish critical missions, to keep your project progressing to successful completion.

I am thrilled to be the newest member of the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey and to help families just like mine navigate the bewildering landscape of elder care and elder law. I’ve recently had to deal with my dad’s untimely passing and management of my mom’s long-term care. What I discovered, and was wholly unprepared for, was the mountain of seemingly insurmountable legal and financial issues that had no apparent solutions or anywhere to turn for help. Luckily, my friend and fellow officer directed me to the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey. I never knew elder care attorneys existed nor their purpose.

The Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey’s team saved my sanity by transporting me from despair to confidence that everything is under control and my mother is getting the best possible care without going broke. This was such a transformational experience for me and my family I jumped at the opportunity to join the team that takes our clients from a state of despair to one of peace and confidence.

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