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Helping clients, families, and caregivers is not just a job for us, it is our passion. We help people build a plan they can depend on, find access to great senior care, and preserve assets instead of going broke paying for care. Everyone at the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey has been a caregiver, caring for our own parents. Because of this experience, all of us here decided we want to help people just like you and we made mid-career decisions to focus on elder law and elder care from such diverse jobs as tax lawyer, teacher, and mental health counselor.

We understand how difficult it is balancing your career and family needs while caring for a parent or spouse. Since we have walked your walk with our parents we understand your fear, confusion, family and work pressures, and the exhaustion and anxiety you can feel.

If you are like us, you probably promised your spouse or parents you would do everything you could to help them in their later years. Also like us, you may not have realized when you made that promise how complicated care giving really is, and how certain laws and regulations can make it even more difficult. Care giving resources and information is scarce, often conflicting, and sometimes just plain wrong. This is just part of the reason it's difficult to find balance between your personal life, work, and caring for your loved one. Let us show you how you can simplify taking care of your aging loved one, especially if you’re running on empty. Then you can continue to enjoy spending time with your loved one as a child or spouse, not as a patient, and not find yourself an exhausted, sometimes irritable, or even resentful caregiver. We want you to feel the sense of relief and rejuvenation when a team of experienced professionals who know the law, the health care system, and the out of the box strategies to tame the long-term care system have your back.

You and your loved one deserve a team of professionals who are easily accessible, experienced and can relate to your frustrations. Being a caregiver is not an easy job. That is why it is our passion to counsel and guide families on the issues and path we have already traveled. Together through our experience we will help you find great care, provide for loved ones, and pay for care without going broke. We will find a plan that accommodates the needs of both you and your loved one.

This website provides information on the issues to help navigate, either for yourself or someone you love, the processes of estate planning, elder law, care giving, and estate administration after death. We hope you find it useful and helpful, but we also know that every family and situation is unique. No single solution fits everyone, if you would like a consultation with an experienced elder law attorney and geriatric care manager to help you look out for common pitfalls and misconceptions and learn what options you have, request a consultation today.

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