My title is Director of Client Happiness. And I love it! It’s a constant reminder of what I strive to do in my work.

But what does it really mean to be the DOCH at the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey? It goes so much deeper than just keeping our team on track to deliver superior results for our clients. It’s about making sure that every client – no matter how big or small – feels listened to and cared for throughout the entire process… and beyond! Just because the project is over doesn’t mean we’re done. This is about relationships, and you can bet that after the bills are paid and the legal plan has been implemented, I’m still checking in. We’re curious about you. We care about you – genuinely. I want to know what you’re up to because it matters to me – and to us.

Delivering happiness is not always easy in a deadline-driven industry. So I pick up the phone and I talk challenges out. I celebrate the successes (you’re getting a high five from me!) and jump into the trenches when the battles begin. And there’s the fun stuff too: Like your anniversary or babies and birthdays. Those are big deals. And just because birthdays don’t pay bills, doesn’t mean we’re not interested. We love a good party. I follow you socially so I’m in the know. Some people might call it “nosy,” at the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey we call it caring.

The biggest win for me is the relationships I establish with our clients. In most cases, our clients are our friends. We hug them. I love to create a level of comfort, so we can joke – and even swear. It’s like family. With a great marketing strategy woven in.

Being the Director of Client Happiness isn’t about being “all business.” It’s about being human. It’s about finding common ground and nurturing relationships. If you want to grab a coffee and chat about an idea you’re percolating on: I’m in!

Clients are what make the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey successful. Clients make me happy. Clients are the best part of my role!

Whether you need help navigating the nursing home system or need a shoulder to cry on, you can count on us. Get in touch with our team today to get started.