A Life Care Plan defines, organizes, prioritizes and mobilizes every aspect of an elder’s care. Besides traditional asset-focused elder law services that help elders qualify for public benefits while preserving family wealth to the greatest extent possible, a Life Care Plan includes provisions for care coordination and other forms of family support.

A Life Care Plan maps out how your loved one’s physical, legal and financial well-being will be protected from the day the plan is created until the end of their life, using the resources of the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey. Specifically, our Elder Law Attorney, Care Coordinator, and other professionals, work together to coordinate care, maximize quality of life, and protect family wealth for future generations.

Once your Life Care Plan is designed, it is reviewed, revised, and changed along with the changing needs of your loved one. It remains in force throughout your loved one’s life.

Life Care Plans meet two primary goals:

It gives you the comfort of knowing that your loved one is safe and getting the right care, either at home or in an appropriate residential setting.

It addresses the need to protect assets despite the high cost of elder care by locating private and public funding to help you pay for long-term care.

The services we provide in a Life Care Plan vary according to your loved one’s needs.

The areas addressed include, among others:

Legal Services to protect assets, coordinate public and private resources to pay for long-term care, preserve family wealth for future generations, enforce your legal rights, ensure you have the authority to care for your loved one, and ensure you have an efficient estate plan at the end of life.

Healthcare Advocacy Services to help you get the highest quality health care and long-term care for your loved one;

Care Coordination Services by experts who do whatever is necessary to protect and promote your loved one’s quality of life;

Assistance with Medicare & Insurance by experienced professionals who understand your options and help you make wise choices and resolve problems.

Family Counseling services using a model called the Elder Care Continuum to help families understand the natural progression of aging and its impact on a loved one’s health, mobility, housing and financial resources. Our Elder Care Continuum helps focus on the elderly loved one’s place on each line of the Elder Care Continuum. and gaps in care are identified and solutions discussed for closing the gaps.

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