When people are young, they look up to their parents and grandparents, they imagine what it’s like not being told what to do, or being able to live alone. What kids don’t think about are all of the challenges that come with being an adult and getting older. Not only do adults have to work, pay taxes, and make incredibly difficult decisions, they need to worry about what they will do after retirement, how they will handle medical expenses, navigating the complicated Medicare and Medicaid process, and how they will arrange and manage their assets and estate after they pass away.

Steve Bailey, an elder law attorney in Birmingham, got to know first-hand how complicated these processes are and how challenging it can be to find the necessary resources and information to take care of his parents when they were at the end of their lives. Through this personal experience, he realized that he wants to help as many elderly people as possible navigate the systems and processes that can be so stressful and financially challenging.

If you or a loved one needs help from an elder law attorney, guidance, or just someone to vent to, Steve Bailey is someone you can trust wholeheartedly. The Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey offers a range of services that aim to give peace of mind to families when planning for the future or facing the death of a loved one.

What You Can Expect From Steve Bailey


Above all, Steve wants to assure you that you will be treated like family. We aim to get to know your specific situation and will look for the best ways to get the answers you need. We will stand up for your rights, help you find the right long-term care for your needs, help you understand your options, help you fill out applications, and so much more.


Our elder law firm is full of staff that are passionate about what they do. And each person has their own history, stories, and experience that they can use to help you through this journey. Outside of the firm, we also have numerous relationships with people who can offer their help, guidance, and expertise.

Our Services

Estate Planning

This is a fairly broad term that encompasses a variety of services, including planning for incapacity, managing all of your finances (debts, bank accounts, savings accounts, how to divide the remaining assets, etc.), naming someone as power of attorney, writing a will or living trust, and more. Steve Bailey will be there for each step of the process, ensuring that everything is done correctly so that there aren’t any legal issues down the road.

Nursing Home Planning

A considerable part of planning for the future involves planning for how to pay for future expenses, including long-term care. Americans spend an astronomical amount of money on nursing homes and elderly care, and there are only so many ways to pay for it, especially when savings aren’t enough. We can help you apply for Medicaid and offer guidance on how to save money.

VA Benefits

If estate planning and managing finances aren’t difficult enough, it can be even more complicated for veterans. When trying to find reliable resources online, it doesn’t take long to realize that there are a lot of conflicting messages. Steve Bailey has worked with the Veterans Administration, branches of the military, and their personnel offices, and the Department of Defense and can help you navigate the complicated system.

Whatever your situation is, working with an elder law attorney can have significant benefits and can provide a level of peace of mind that is invaluable. Throughout our blog posts, we will dive into applying for VA benefits, how to write a will, what the probate process is, how to begin the estate planning process, and so much more. We want this blog to be a resource that you can rely on!

If you want guidance and support through your journey, give the Elder Law Firm of Steve Bailey a call today.